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1. Master's Program

The department offers a two-year master's course in Communication Media for Children with the objective of training professionals in the field of media, who are sensitive to the needs of the children. The program focuses equally on theoretical course work and practical experience. Other than regular subjects offered in mass communication courses, there are innovative courses like 'Social Impact of Media', 'Children & Television', 'Creative Media for Children’ and 'Communicating to Children’. These courses have been especially designed to meet the needs of this program.

2. Development of materials

Illustrated literature in Indian languages, audio and video programs for children and about children have been developed. Video programs for telecast on U.G.C. Country Wide Class Room have also been produced in collaboration with Educational Media Research Center's in University of Pune and Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. Programs for school children have been produced in collaboration with the State Institute of Educational Technology, Pune, and All India Radio, Pune.
The department has developed prototypes of illustrated printed material, both in the forms of books for young children and for teachers in Marathi. This is an important thrust area of the department due to dearth of material available in regional languages

3. Resource Center

A variety of material in the form of children's books, video programs, audio programs, art and craft activities, games and other recreational material for children are being collected at the resource center. Students use this regularly as it enables them to become sensitive and aware of material already available. The material produced by students each year adds to the existing body of the material.

4. Media Laboratory and Production Facility

The department has an audio and video production facility. There is basic shooting and editing facility on digital equipment. There is also an acoustically treated studio facility with lights. The department has professional digital shooting and editing facility. We also have a still photography lab, with facility of black and white developing.
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Department Communication Media for Children,
SNDT College of Home Science
Karve Road,
Pune 411038
Head of Department
Prof. Radha Misra

• Ph.D. in Communication Media for Children
• M.Sc. in Communication Media for Children
• in Nutrition Health Communication

Teaching Faculty
• Prof. Radha Misra